Technical Assistance Title Block

How the Classes Work

The process is rather straight-forward. Use the Course Listing to find a course or courses that interest you. When you get to the course screen, click "START COURSE" to enroll. Click on the "Curriculum" link for a list of units and modules. Ideally, you should begin at the top of each course and work your way through the syllabus just as you would any college course. Much of the material in the latter modules is built upon knowledge acquired in the previous ones.

Many of the courses have downloadable content such as PowerPoint slides, PDF documents, and perhaps multimedia files. You can download and view those as you read the lecture. Some of the videos are embedded. These are generally required to understand the material being presented whereas those available for download are usually not required unless otherwise noted.

Many of the courses have assignments. While these are not graded or something you'll need to turn in, they're present to help you apply the concepts in the course to your particular situation, or to give you a hands-on feel for the subject matter being taught. It's up to you whether or not you actually complete the assignments, however.

Some courses have a quiz at the end of them (some may have quizzes at the end of multiple modules). These quizzes are optional, and will be graded automatically upon completion. They're there merely to help you test your knowledge of the material being presented and are likewise optional.


One you've completed one module, return to the syllabus and click on the next module, and so forth. You can move between and among the modules as you see fit, but again, they're in a specific order for a reason. When you've completed all the modules, you will be marked as having completed the course. If you've registered a user name, you can keep track of which courses you've completed.

While you're not required to read anything, watch anything, take any of the quizzes, perform any of the assignments, etc., the presumption is that you're here to learn the material and to become a better slut. The material is put together with that in mind. So not taking advantage of all of the material seems counterproductive at best.

Course Requirements

You'll need the following to complete the courses here on the Slut Academy:

  • A compatible web browser. SA works with the following browsers:  IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.
  • Microsoft's PowerPoint software or the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • Ability to view standard YouTube and other embedded video playback streams (specifics will vary depending upon which platform and which browser(s) you are using).

Using the Forums

Each of the courses, and each of the modules within those courses is linked to a forum set up specifically for that course. If you have questions understanding some of the concepts presented, or if there is material you'd like to discuss, then create a topic in the relevant forum. This is to be considered the "class" participation for each course. As there is no time limit and no expiration dates on these classes, the forum may contain information that has been superseded or updated. The instructors are responsible for keeping the forums updated, answering questions, encouraging participation, and mediating any debates. Please be respectful of the opinion of others and do not resort to name-calling, trolling, or any other negative behavior.

Note that, if you've not registered a user name on the site, you can only read the forums and cannot participate in the discussions. If you wish to do that, you'll need to register.

Messaging Instructors and Other Students

If you are registered on the site, you may message the course instructor with questions or comments, and can message other students in the course as well. If you have general questions that do not involve matters of a personal nature, you are encouraged to use the forums so that the entire class may benefit from the answers and input of others, however.