Coming Soon: The Slut Academy!

Coming Soon: The Slut Academy! You’re responsible for acting like a lady on the streets; We’ll help you learn to be a freak in the sheets.

I am excited to begin work on this new site. It will provide a wealth of “real” sex education information, aimed primarily at women who have the desire to increase their sexual prowess. Of course, the guys might find something of interest as well. This page will be where I share some information about what goes on behind the scenes at SA, including why I elected to use the word “Slut” in the site’s title, as opposed to something like “Sex” or another word less…confrontational if you will.

In the meantime, until the site goes live officially, if you happen to find yourself here, feel free to look around a bit. Take a look at the anticipated course list, to include the units within each of those courses. We are always open to suggestions for ways to improve the campus experience and the breadth of the courses taught here.

August 17, 2014

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