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    I’m able to deepthroat and throat fuck fairly large dicks, but I seem to have hit a plateau.  Drinking makes me looser and seems to make my throat relax more.  Also, I’ve found if I leave the dick in long enough I get dizzy and the guy says my throat relaxes more.  Also, I can take certain amount of force. After the initial discomfort my throat seems to relax. But I don’t want to do my throat long-term damage.  Is forcing it likely to create damage or just train my throat better.

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    Are we talking length or girth? In my experience I learnt to throat fuck a really large dildo. It was a Ron Jeremy clone dildo that was 9 inches long and around 2 inches in diameter. I’m pretty sure it’s way thicker than the real thing.. I had to force it to go down my throat and I was close to dislocating my jaw in doing so. I didn’t throat fuck myself with it straight away, I just deepthroated it a few times in my practice sessions. It fairly quickly got a lot easier and I didn’t feel like I was dislocating my jaw any more. I was even able to throat fuck myself with it a few times. However this dildo had a nasty taste to it so I didn’t keep it going and so I’ve not tried it again in a long time.


    So with taking large dicks you can train your throat to get used to it. But I would be cautious if you have to keep forcing it. Try starting the session going balls deep on him and holding it in your throat or have him hold your head down on it. This will help introduce your throat to his size and get the saliva and drool going. Try this a few times before going into throat fucking. You can also try adding edible lube too to make it go down nice and smooth. But do use good judgement if hes really big.



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    Hi, I am regulary trained with a realistic dildo thus my throat get used to common dick size in it. Recently I try to learn how to swallow being bent over the edge with mouth full of large one. Thas seems difficult for me. Would you please advice how to exercise this?

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