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The Slut Academy  currently consists of four departments.

  • Slut Theory: This department's focus is on instilling sexual self confidence and teaching the philosophical underpinnings necessary to allow the slut to understand how her sexuality exists within the greater realm of human sexuality.
  • Techniques: This department's focus is on teaching sexual techniques and equipping the slut with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to know how to fuck like a pro.
  • History: This department's role is to provide historical context for the slut's sexuality, allowing her to understand the history behind how sluthood came to be seen in the light we see it today.
  • Psychology: The Psychology Department is responsible for teaching the psychological underpinnings of human sexuality. Understanding the psychological aspect of sexuality allows the slut to understand why certain things turn people on, how they turn people on, and how to use the mental aspects of sexuality to further her goals.

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Course Listings

You can view the entire list of courses offered at the Slut Academy HERE.

Upcoming Courses

You can sign up to be notified of upcoming courses and events HERE. (Coming Soon)

Learning Options

The Slut Academy is an online learning environment. There are no physical campuses to attend, no parking to worry about, no having to walk from building to building for classes, and so forth. As such, the student is able to learn at her own pace, in the privacy and comfort of her own home.

Completion Timetables

All courses at the Slut Academy are open-ended. There is no specific time frame for completion of any of them unless otherwise noted, and you are welcome to work at your own speed.

Required Courses

The following courses are required for all sluts and potential sluts. These courses form the foundation of sluthood and are essential to understanding what it means to be a slut and to develop the technical skills that allow you to be considered a slut (by your or your sex partners).

  Course Title Course Title 
  SLUT 101 TECH 101 
  SLUT 102 TECH 102 
  SLUT 103 TECH 103 
  PSYC 103 TECH 104 
  PSYC 104 TECH 105 
   TECH 108 
   TECH 110