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About the Slut Academy

The Slut Academy is a web site dedicated to teaching women (primarily) the finer arts of sex necessary to allow them to fuck like professionals. We're starting off with a limited set of courses to begin with, but will be expanding the course offerings over the next few months and years to include a full range of skills and concepts necessary to allow you to impress the hell out of anyone lucky enough to find themselves in bed with you.

History and Mission

The Slut Academy is an offshoot of a blog (entitled Slut Lessons) started by the headmistress a number of years ago. Slut Lessons was begun to provide women with in-depth instructions in the art of deep throating and instruction on engaging in their first anal penetration. Both of these topics are widely researched on the Internet and are popular in culture today, largely because of the influence of porn on peoples' sex lives. As someone with considerable experience in both subjects, I felt like I had some wisdom to share that would make it easier for women to engage in these activities.

The blog soon grew to include instructions on a variety of other "advanced" sex acts as well. In discussions with people in a couple of sex-related forums I participated in, it soon became clear that an organized set of instructions for women would be of use, as there were few well organized sites offering that kind of information in the level of detail many women craved. The idea for the Slut Academy was born as a result.

Woman holding a condom

The mission of the Slut Academy is to provide a venue for women to learn to holistically embrace their inner sex goddesses (which I and Dossie Easton lovingly refer to as "sluts"), and to learn the techniques necessary to allow them to fuck like professional fucktresses (e.g., porn stars, hookers, etc.). The reasoning behind this is explained in depth across several of the slut theory courses found on this site.

SA is not a "sex education" website in the strictest sense of the word, in that we don't address anything that is not directly related to helping women improve their slut skill set. So, for example, you won't find anything in depth related to asexuality because asexuality is incompatible with sluthood by definition. We're not being dismissive of it, but rather we have a specific mission here and prefer to focus on those topics that fit within that mission.

About Your Headmistress

Your headmistress is in her mid-20s, and is a supervisory project management professional with an MBA in a health-care related field. I have pretty broad experience in the realm of human sexuality, have written numerous sex advice columns for my school newspapers, and have taught sex technique classes at an adult toy store during graduate school. I am bisexual and have a significant amount of experience with both men and women, as well as a variety of group configurations.

I've received a great many compliments on my ability to put instructional material into a format that is easily understandable by people, and very much enjoy speaking on the subject of sex. I am NOT a sex therapist, sexologist, nor do I have any degree in human sexuality. However, I do have the street experience to be able to speak about many of the more advanced concepts of sex that most sex writers can only dream of.

Why "Slut"?

One of the most common questions I've gotten in response to this web site is something along the lines of, "Why use the word 'slut' in its name?" There are a variety of reasons.

First, the word is loaded with context, both positive and negative. When you grow up and move through middle school and high school, no one wants to be known as a slut. The same is largely true after you graduate as well, of course. At least, not publicly. Privately, however, many women love to be known as sluts in the bedroom, even if they don't like that word or don't wish to be known by that word. A slut, as Dossie Easton suggests in the quote on the front page of this web site, is the ultimate sextress; someone who excels at fucking. The intent of this web site is to create women who excel at sex, who understand how their partners (regardless of gender) want to play in the bedroom, and who are prepared with the appropriate skill set to impress their partners with their sexual prowess.

So I use the term "slut" lovingly here. Like many, I reclaim the word to use as my own, on my own terms, and for my own purposes. In my eyes, there is no greater compliment than to have a partner tell me I'm the best slut s/he's ever fucked.

Exposure to Concepts

As this site is one that deals with advanced sexual topics, you need to understand that you will be exposed to some subject matter and material that may be new to you, and that you may find disturbing. The intent here is to provide you with the information necessary to engage safely in many different kinds of sex. You are free to choose which material you avail yourself of. No one keeps track of anything you do here other than the system (which is to allow you to track your progress if you like).

So as you progress through the basic material into the more advanced stuff, you may encounter concepts that you find objectionable. But it is material you need to be aware of because, as you move through life, you'll encounter people who're into some of these things. How you elect to deal with them is up to you, of course, but our job here is to prepare you to handle those situations if and when they arise.

As a part of this, we use a good deal of pornographic material to demonstrate the skills and concepts described in the lecture material. Please read the course and unit descriptions closely prior to clicking on the units so you're not caught off guard.

With that, I'll encourage you to read through the Admissions page to ensure you understand how the site works. And encourage you to enjoy learning how to be the best, most skilled slut you can be.